3D Scanning


3D Scanning works best on objects larger than a baseball and up to the size of a vehicle. Organic shapes and difficult to replicate in CAD are where scanning becomes a necessary tool. This method is ideal for designing a prototype that fits on the first try keeping boundaries and parameters front and center to the designer.  An evaporating scanning spray will be used to dull out shiny and reflective objects. A cheaper "permanent" spray can be used at a lower materials cost, this will need to be wiped and washed off of the part. Adhesive targets may also be applied to aid in scanning further increase accuracy of the final scan. Entities such as planes, cylinders, cones, and mesh sections are exported to be utilized in any CAD software.

Items can be shipped to our location for scanning or we can come to you. Our setup is completely mobile and can be operable with 3 power outlets. No internet access is needed. 

Scanning Rates:
$80/Hour for scanning and preparation. *Charged in half hour increments.

$45/Hour post processing and scan clean up. *Charged in half hour increments. 

+Materials used for prep (Targets, scanning spray, cleaning materials/time if necessary)

Technical Details About Our Scanning Capabilities

Accuracy:  Capability up to 0.100 mm

Mesh resolution:  0.500 mm

Measurement rate:  550,000 measurements/s

Volumetric accuracy: 0.300 mm/m

Scanning area:  380 x 380 mm

Depth of field:  250 mm

Light source:  White light (LED)

Texture resolution:  50 to 150 DPI

Output formats:  .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr

Operation temp range:  5-40 C